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Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is development that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Our Technology

Energy-Inc Park creates, designs, engineers and assembles its own proprietary equipment and systems that are manufactured by companies recognized around the world for their proven technologies. Redundancy provides for multiple interchangeable components that can perform a common function as well as backup systems that perform a common function in the event of failure, mishap, or change in operational conditions.



Ultimate Gasification© Systems

Electromagnetic Induction Heating  super-heats waste in a vacuum to extract gas from material, also known as Syngas. The gas is hydrogen-rich and contains ultra-low sulfur, with  zero air emissions. Synthetic gas can be used to:

•Run boilers, Cogeneration Power Plants (CHP) and fuel cells to produce electricity, hot water and steam

•Create liquid Biofuels, Synthetic fuels like diesel, ethanol, gasoline and jet fuel, via a Fischer-Tropsch refiner.



What Happens to Stuff We Throw Away?*


Recycled or Composted

Combusted for Energy

*Based on the 2010 Municipal Solid Waste Characterization Report

Our Capability

Our technology is capable of processing all forms of waste (with the exception of nuclear) as feedstock and converting it into various forms of clean energy. Materials with zero Btu value are sorted and recycled. The Ultimate Gasification © system is capable of poly-generation: the simultaneous production of electricity, steam, hot water, and Biofuels, and it provides for contract sales of resulting commodities.


Our technology is capable of handling diverse feedstock depending on client needs. We have the capability to handle the following types of feedstock:

• Municipality Solid Waste (MSW) / Refuse

• Cooking Oils & Brown Grease

• Medical Waste, Bio-hazardous and Pharmaceuticals

• Paper / Cardboard

• Coal, Petroleum Sludge, Oils, Oil Sands

• Wood, Yard Waste, Biomass,

• Construction & Demolition Materials, Mattresses & Furniture

• Tires / Rubber / Plastics / Textiles

• Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR) or Auto fluff

• Sewage & Sludge Treatment

• Agricultural Wastes, Plant Stock, Manure

• Commercial & Industrial Waste, Chemical Waste

• Environmental Remediation, Soil, Surface & Groundwater

• Brownfield Sites & Redevelopments 

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