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Negatives Into Positives

Energy-Inc Park converts a variety of waste products using our proprietary technology in a waste-to-clean energy process that is environmentally safe, with extremely low emissions.

Our Mission: We Turn Negatives Into Positives.

Since 2008, Kim Kirkendall and John O’Hurley have worked to establish an energy infrastructure development company with an emphasis on the design, construction and management of Ultimate Gasification © systems that convert waste into usable forms of clean renewable energy. The company is committed to providing flexible and cost effective solutions and services that utilize the latest advancements in technology and sustainable practices. 



Our Strengths

• Turn environmental compliance into positive financial investments

• Creates ultra-low sulfur fuels

• Reduced Carbon Emissions

• Flexible waste streams/feedstock

• Limited pre-treatment to handle MSW with recycling (limited sorting, labor savings)

• Efficient on site electricity generation

• Urban applications

• Environmental compliances with the EPA

• Positive Environmental Change

• Creation of Local Jobs & Educational Opportunities

• Saving taxpayer money and expands the tax base

• Zero landfill with “100% Recycling”  

Cost Benefits

• Renewable Energy production and decreased waste costs 

• Investment - Waste savings now and in the future

• Improve energy risk profile, wholesale Biodiesel or Sync-Diesel cost

• Elimination of landfill cost

• Monthly Recycling Reports; how much, where your waste goes and what it is converted into 


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